Move Out Painting Services: A Stress-Free Way to Leave Your Old Home Looking Fresh

Are you moving out of your home or apartment and need to leave it in top condition for the next tenants? Let us help with our move out painting service!

Our team of experienced painters will transform your space with a fresh coat of paint, covering any scuffs, stains, or marks left behind from your time living there. We use high-quality paints and materials to ensure a long-lasting and beautiful finish.

Don’t stress about trying to paint your home or apartment yourself. Leave it to the professionals at our move out painting service. We will take care of everything from prepping the surfaces to clean up after the job is done.

Contact us today to schedule your move out painting service and leave your home or apartment looking like new for the next tenants.

Move out painting no longer a hassle!

We know how strict home rental rules are in Luxembourg! That is why we are here to help and take care of any moving issues. 

And since move out painting is a local requirement, you just leave the job to us.

Green Movers will make sure the house or office you are leaving can be handed over in great condition to the landlord. This way you don’t have to worry about penalties. 

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Why Choose Move Out Painting Services?

1. Enhance Property Appeal: A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home. It covers up scuffs, marks, and minor damages, making the place look clean and well-maintained.

2. Increase Market Value: If you’re selling your property, a professional paint job can increase its market value and attract potential buyers by giving a fresh and inviting look.

3. Secure Your Deposit: For renters, ensuring the property is in excellent condition is crucial to getting your security deposit back. Our painting services can help you meet your lease agreement’s requirements.

4. Save Time and Hassle: Moving is already time-consuming and stressful. Let our professional team handle the painting while you focus on settling into your new home.


The Process


  1. Consultation: We begin with a consultation to understand your needs and preferences.
  2. Preparation: Our team prepares the space by covering furniture, floors, and fixtures to prevent any paint splatters.

  3. Painting: Using high-quality, eco-friendly paints, we meticulously paint the walls, ceilings, and trim as needed.

  4. Clean-Up: Once the job is done, we clean up thoroughly, leaving your home spotless and freshly painted.

Ready to leave your old home looking fresh and inviting? Contact Green Movers for a free, no-obligation quote on our move-out painting services. Fill out our form, and let’s make your move a smooth and stress-free experience!