Pratiques durables pour un déménagement écologique

Entreprise de déménagement écologique au Luxembourg

In a world where sustainability is a growing trend, people are increasingly aware of their impact on the planet. Each individual is now seeking ways to reduce their footprint, whether through recycling, reusing, or simply adopting a more environmentally friendly lifestyle in general. And moving homes or offices should be no exception. This is where we, Green Movers, come in!

We are the first eco-friendly moving company in Luxembourg, and we're here to make your move easy and stress-free!

Our highly skilled movers offer professional services and are equipped to handle any type of move, regardless of its size. Reliable and respectful, we always prioritise our customers and aim to make the move as eco-friendly and hassle-free as possible.

The only moving company in Luxembourg offering an eco-friendly moving alternative

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Green Movers was founded with the goal of making a difference in the world by providing eco-friendly moving services. We believe that each individual can have a positive impact on the environment by choosing environmentally friendly goods and services or adopting a lifestyle aimed at reducing pollution. Our primary goal as an eco-friendly moving company is to reduce the use of cardboard boxes. Producing 150 cardboard boxes requires cutting down one tree.

Consider also that an average small family with a child needs about 60 boxes to move. Now, imagine how many boxes are purchased and discarded each year for all the moves in Luxembourg and how many trees are felled!

At Green Movers, we want to stop this waste and encourage our customers to contribute to environmental preservation by replacing cardboard boxes with durable and reusable plastic boxes.These green moving boxes can be reused 400 times before being recycled, while cardboard boxes can only be used once or twice.Not to mention that they save space by nesting perfectly, are shock-resistant, water-resistant, and can be easily transported using carts.

So, if you’re ready to contribute to saving the planet and be more environmentally friendly during your move, visit our website and choose the moving package that suits your needs.

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